Ideas for Projects


The sound of eight oars catching the water and pulling through to the finish.  Eight seats sliding backwards on rollers.  The oar popping out the water and being feathered.  The eights seats sliding back up to the catch and eight oars being squared up.  These sounds repeated on a loop with a 2 min stop.  During the two minute stop a red light is projected on one wall.  5 seconds before the sound begins the red light flashes, red, red, yellow, yellow, green.  The rhythmic sounds beats 40 times during the first min.  Then drops down to the 34 and 32 for the next 4 mins.  It picks up for the last min 35, 36, 38, 42, 38, 38, 38, 39.

Only 9 people are allowed in the room at once and the room is of a size where no more than that would want to be.  We could even put up a sign to that effect, so ideally the conversation wouldn’t have to immediately be about access, control or privilege, if it meander there eventually that would be fine.  It just isn’t what I think I want to talk about or if I decide that it is then I rather not do it via a fire marshal sign.

Questions to answer before we build and way before we show:

  • Why make this?
  • What is it communicating to it’s audience?
  • Answer the “so what?”
  • Where would you like the play this work?
  • Who would you like to see this work?

Steps to take to build:

  • Digital sounds recorder needs to be purchased or borrowed
  • Digital sounds recorder needs to practiced with
  • Sound editing software needs to be learned
  • Coach Scott needs to be email and talked into doing letting me put tape recorder on his boat
  • Edit the recording
  • Figure out how to project red, red, red, yellow, yellow, green  projector off six minutes

Photo Plant:

A tree that moves.  I want plant a tree in a planter box.  I want to put the planter box on a motorized electric cart.  The cart would be powered by a solar panels mounted on or in the planter.  I would attach a light sensor(s) to the rig that would activate the electric motor whenever the cart fell into shadow.  The motor acting on the sensor would drive itself over into a new sunny spot and then switch off until it lost the light again.


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